Reserve with just one click
On the product page, check that the size you want is available and select the boutique of your choice.

If a product is unavailable in a store, you cannot reserve it (for example: it is not possible to reserve a women's product in a menswear store and vice versa, or a product exclusively sold on the website in a store, especially during the online outlets).

* Now available in all Sandro boutiques in Switzerland. In the interests of customer satisfaction and availability, the e-reservation service may be modified or suspended during sales and promotional periods.
You’ll receive confirmation within 2 hours
Within 2 hours of sending a request, you can expect confirmation by email and text message that the item has been put aside.
You’ll have 24 hours in which to visit the boutique
Upon receiving confirmation, you’ll have 24 hours in which to come and try on or pick up reserved items. Select another size or carry on shopping in the boutique. Payment for any purchases made is taken in-store.

If something comes up and you are no longer able to come to the store, don't forget to cancel your reservation. If you made your reservation during a sales promotion and this promotion is no longer running when you come to the store, you cannot take advantage of the price reduction
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